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Step Into Yourself…

Journey with me through the Inner Self. ~ Soul Insight Coming Soon!

Do you feel that…

You’re stuck and can’t move forward
You’re worn out, disappointed, frustrated and fed up
You’re not a good person…parent….friend….
You want to live your life feeling more secure, appreciated, respected and valued

You are not alone.

If you are experiencing emotions that are interfering with your thoughts, daily activity, and/or relationships, it is time to call me.

I will help you develop healthier ways of coping and provide wellness tools to assist you in doing so.

Contact me now to book a counseling session in my OFallon, Il. counseling office. Or, to set up a free 15 min. phone consultation.



Feeling worried, depressed, or unfulfilled? Feel good again and more hopeful about your future. Counseling can help you take the steps toward increasing self-awareness so you can learn problem-solving and coping skills, manage stress, improve relationships and enjoy life again.



Do you feel stuck, like you’re repeating a pattern over and over in your life that you can’t seem to change? Psychotherapy will look at chronic negative feelings and thoughts that are often hidden below the surface of your conscious mind. Discover what is really preventing you from being truly happy in your life.

Holistic Help

Holistic Help

It doesn’t matter what problem brings you into therapy – you will be recognized as a whole person with an appreciation that you have physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs, with each dimension being necessary for optimal levels of functioning. An integrated holistic approach, which may include guided imagery, breathwork and eastern wellness practices encourage a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

About Me

Gina McKee - Psychotherapist, Lcpc


Psychotherapist, Lcpc

Hi, I’m Gina McKee. In 2010, I founded Gina McKee Wellness in downtown Ofallon, Il. I’m passionate about helping women and children understand their emotions and increase self-worth, so they can be their best self.

I have personal as well as professional experience in western humanistic psychology and eastern wellness practices, which has helped me develop the skills to better help you.

I can assist with identifying problems, finding solutions, and getting to the very root of your emotional concerns in a safe, confidential environment.


Remy Sitting



Meet my co-therapist Remy. She does what all pets do: provide unconditional emotional support and companionship. She also facilitates social interactions and and can help you embrace the therapy process. Remy is a red standard poodle with a calm and loving temperament, that also happens to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

Remy’s positive and affirming presence creates a safe and welcoming environment, where you will naturally come to terms with your emotions.

Even though Remy does not receive monetary compensation, her real reward is watching you transform into your best you.

People Feeling Better

  •     Gina helped my daughter understand what healthy boundaries are with her friendships.  ~Mom

  •     I feel like it’s OK to be me!  ~Teen

  •     Gina has an amazing gift for helping people! She is so patient, understanding, kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable about her work. Her office and waiting room have a very relaxing environment.  ~Cindy

  •     Gina’s wisdom is illuminating and has provided me a great deal of peace.  ~P.J.

  •     I was so depressed. Gina encouraged me to reconnect with my daughters. I don’t have as many negative thoughts, I’m starting to like myself more.  ~Transformed Woman

  •     I like this place!  ~Tween

  •     My stress was less after my first visit with Gina! I’m thinking clearer.  ~Empowered Woman

  •     Gina, you have helped me so much with clarity and direction. Thank you for listening and for always having my best interest at heart.  ~M.S.

  •     Thank you Gina for the help that you have given my daughter. She’s come a long way.  ~Grateful mom

Get Empowered

Office Counseling

Advantages of Gina McKee Wellness:

  • Specializes in women & children of all ages
  • Sessions are guided with an individual approach based on needs & preferences
  • Tranquil setting away from distractions
  • Face-to-face advantage of reading body language & facial cues
  • Major insurance carriers accepted

Phone Counseling
Video Calls (Available Soon!)

Phone counseling is anonymous, and convenient for those who:

  • Have busy schedules
  • Prefer the comfort of their home to a therapy office
  • Are unable to leave home
  • Travel often
  • Have no transportation

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Step Into Yourself…

Journey with me through the Inner Self. ~ Soul Insight Coming Soon!